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The Eight Strangest Car Accessories You’ll Ever See

Air freshener? Phone charger? Stick-figure family on your rear window? Amateur hour my friend. The real pros are riding with portable stoves, office desks and coffee makers. Take a look at some of the most bizarre car accessories available:

1. Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker

Falling asleep behind the wheel kills, so this cigarette-lighter powered could save your life—and it’s a great reason to have espresso cups in your car. The Handpresso takes ESE pods, so you’ll be able to make hazelnut lattes and peppermint mochas too.

2. Road Shower 2 Solar Shower

Nobody likes peeling yourself off leather seats with a Rorschach test made of sweat on your back, so why now shower off in the parking lot before you go into that big meeting or hot date? This solar shower car accesory heats up water naturally and sprays it out thanks to a CO2-powered pump. Warning: does not include a way to stop people staring.

3. Roadpro 12v Portable Stove

You’d better hope that you’ve got a second cigarette lighter if you want some pork and beans to go with your espresso. This toolbox-looking item heats food to 300 degrees and, the manufacturers say, is ‘ideal for stews, beans, chops, rice meals (and) hot dishes.’

4. NEWSKY Car Auto Air Ionizer Purifier Refresher Deodorizer Oxygen Bar Sterilizer DC 12V

The number one most common question we get as an auto body shop is: how do I release negative electric charge from oxygen molecules? The answer, of course, is the NEWSKY Car Auto Air Ionizer Purifier Refresher Deodorizer Oxygen Bar Sterilizer. It’ll also ‘extremely purify’ the air, removing bad smells and dust.

5. Dog Sack

Oh boy, where to start with this one? The Dog Sack (it never got a friendlier name) came from an issue of Popular Mechanics in 1935, and luckily for man’s best friend it was never actually used.

6. MaxSale Drivemocion LED Car Message Sign 5 Animated Pure Face Auto Light

Want to let other drivers know how you feel but your middle finger can only do the one emotion? This rear-window accessory does five different emotions, so there’s a better chance of finding a way to apologise to the person you just cut off.

7. Desk King

Yep, that’s a real image that a company used to promote their product. They also went with a professional product description along the lines of ‘The Amazon-ian Armadillo price is for the initial order placing and purchasing of our Amazon-ian Armadillo’s at this time.’ (the exact same Borat-English is used in the single five-star review on Amazon.)

8. Highway Hi-Fi

If you got a Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge or Plymouth in 1956 and planned to drive on a some very smooth roads then you could have gotten a Highway Hi-Fi. Just to make them extra impractical, CBS-Columbia designed it to only work with specially-made records on the Columbia label.

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