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October 18, 2016 I’ve just been in an accident,
what should I do?

1. Stop. Stay calm and stay at the scene of the accident.

2. Call 911 if anyone is injured or if you suspect the other driver is under the influence.

3. If no one is injured and it is safe to do so, move your vehicle to the side of the road and make sure it is turned off. If your car is not driveable make sure the hazard lights are turned on and uninjured passengers are out of the vehicle and in a safe place.

4. Report to the police ifa. There are any injuries.
b. If the other driver does not have documents (insurance, registration, license).
c. Either vehicle is not driveable.
d. If total damage to the vehicles appears to be more than $2,000 or there is any damage to private or public property.

5. Exchange contact and insurance information. Click here to view the Government of Alberta form for recommended information to collect. NEVER admit that you were at fault or make blanket statements—leave this up to the insurance companies and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Contact with the other driver ends here, and any other contact with the other driver should be made by your insurance company.

6. If it’s safe, take some pictures of the accident scene. This will be helpful when dealing with your insurance claim.

7. If necessary, file a police report and get your damage sticker.

8. Call your insurance company and file a claim within 24 hours if possible.

9. Call JD Collision to request an estimate or to get more helpful advice.

Remember, you ALWAYS have the right to choose where you want to have your vehicle repaired. Ultimately, the reason you have insurance is so that you can get your vehicle back to a safe condition after an accident and the responsibility for a satisfactory repair jobs rests with you, not your insurance company

Click here to view the Government of Alberta informational web page.

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