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The Top Signs You Need a New Windshield

Remember the classic scene from the 1994 hit comedy, Ace Ventura, when Jim Carrey was forced to drive around with his head out the window after his windshield got smashed?

It was funny seeing that scene play out in a movie. But if your windshield is in such bad shape these days that it’s forcing you to consider driving around like that, it’s not a laughing matter.

It’s a pretty clear-cut sign that you need to have a new windshield installed ASAP. You should not, under any circumstances, drive your car if the windshield looks like it could shatter into a million little pieces at any second.

There are also some other indications that will let you know it’s time to consider having a new windshield installed on your car. Check out the top signs that show you need a new windshield below.

Your Windshield Has a Big Crack in It

Just because your windshield isn’t completely smashed doesn’t mean you should ignore cracks in it. You should be especially careful when it comes to big cracks that are deep and more than a few inches long.

These types of cracks aren’t going to go away anytime soon. In fact, they will often get worse over time when they’re exposed to extreme heat and cold throughout the course of the year.

Big cracks can also cause big problems if you’re ever involved in an accident. Your windshield will likely sustain a lot more damage than it would otherwise if you have a large crack in it. It might even cause serious injuries and death in some cases during an accident.

If you have a big crack in your windshield, don’t put off having new windshield installation done. It can prevent the crack from potentially wreaking havoc on you and your car.

Your Windshield Has a Series of Small Cracks, Scratches, and Chips

Most people know that they need to have a windshield replaced when they see a big crack form in their old one. But they’re not always sure if they need to take the same approach to small cracks, scratches, and chips.

Often times, these small imperfections will form when your windshield gets hit by rocks and other debris when you’re on the highway. After a while, you might not even notice that they’re there anymore.

But they are there—and you should do something about them if there are a lot of them in your windshield. Small cracks, scratches, and chips can turn into much larger cracks in a matter of just a few weeks in some instances.

These small cracks, scratches, and chips can also impair your vision when you’re driving and make it difficult for you to make split-second decisions out on the road. It’s why it’s always a good idea to have them fixed sooner rather than later or, better yet, to have your windshield replaced altogether.

Your Vehicle Needs to Be Inspected

Those living in Alberta may be required to have their vehicles inspected once in a while. Inspections show whether or not cars are safe to drive.

If you have a cracked windshield on your car, there’s a decent chance that you might not pass inspection. You might be able to get away with it if you only have a tiny crack in it. But generally speaking, you’ll want to consider replacing your windshield if you suspect it could jeopardize your chances of passing inspection.

Your Windshield Didn’t Respond Well to Repairs

There are times when a vehicle owner can get away with repairing a windshield that is cracked rather than replacing it. Some people choose this option in an effort to save a few bucks.

You’re free to try to repair a windshield if you want. But your windshield may not respond to repair efforts in the way you hoped it would. It could continue to crack despite all the repairs that a windshield repair company did on it.

To prevent this from happening, you should wave the white flag and put your old windshield out of its misery. Replace it with a new one so that you don’t have to worry about dumping even more money into trying to repair it.

Your Windshield Is Hurting the Appearance of Your Car

You have an amazing paint colour on the exterior of your car. You have clean tires and rims that shine when the sun hits them. You love everything about your car and the way that it looks!

Well, almost everything. No matter how beautiful your car might look, a crack in the windshield can make all the difference in the world and be the only thing people see when they look at it.

Stop your old, busted windshield from dragging your car’s aesthetic appeal down and replace it with one that will look just as good as the rest of your car does. It’ll instantly improve the look of your car and help you take pride in it again.

It might also help to increase the value of your car. Those looking to sell a car aren’t going to be able to get what they want for it when they have a crack in the windshield.

It’s one of the many reasons why windshield replacement is such a smart investment.

Install a New Windshield on Your Car Today

If you don’t remember anything else from this article, remember this: Watching Ace Ventura drive around with his head out the window was funny. Doing it yourself? Not so much!

Avoid finding yourself in a sticky situation like Mr. Pet Detective by installing a new windshield on your car when you spot any of the signs listed here. You’ll feel safer when you’re driving around after you do, and you’ll also like the way your car looks so much more.

Request a quote from us today and see how affordable it can be to install a new windshield on your car.