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CSN Partenership

JD Collision Becomes CSN JD Collision

Have you noticed anything different about JD Collision in Cold Lake and Bonnyville lately? Are you seeing less orange and black and more blue and white? Have you noticed they are now “CSN JD Collision” and not just “JD Collision”? We thought you might have, so here’s the story…

In 1976 Joe Dechaine and his wife Rose Marie Dechaine decided to take a huge risk and jump into business ownership. Joe had a true passion for car repair and his wife was ready to run the business side of things. In 1976 JD Collision, a body repair shop in Bonnyville, Alberta opened its doors. 

From day one, Joe and Rose Marie knew that they not only wanted to provide top-notch repair services in their community but that they also wanted to provide customer service that was second to none. They started this business a family and made it their goal to make each and every customer who walked through their doors feel like they were part of that family as well.

After just 4 years in business, they decided to open up a second shop and offer their services in Cold Lake, Alberta.

Even during some of the harder times, JD Collision continued to bring in business and the body repair shops grew in customers and employees. Over time, Joe and Rose Marie’s children, Luc, Joel and Pat became Journeymen Autobody Technicians and began working in the shops. In 2007, Luc, Joel and Pat, along with their brother-in-law Paul, became co-owners of the shop.

Both shops were running well and they had made a great name for themselves in both communities. Every employee, from the front desk staff to the technicians always strived for customer excellence, and people noticed. In 2014, after months of meetings, phone calls and research about different auto body repair facilities, Joel found CSN Collision Centres.

What are CSN Collision Centres?

CSN Collision Centres are a large network of premier body repair shops spread across the country. CSN was first founded in 2002 by four auto body shop owners that shared the same values when it came to customer service and outstanding repairs. They began to grow their network of shops with a careful selection process. Every shop must meet the high CSN standards of top-notch customer service, highly trained technicians and equipment requirements. Currently, there are 194 premier CSN Collision Centres operating in Canada. 

Why JD Collision wanted to be part of the network of CSN Collision Centres 

After finding CSN Collision Centres in 2014, the owners of JD Collision knew that this was the network of shops they wanted to be part of. CSN’s main focus is their customer. At every single CSN shop, you will find nothing but outstanding customer service, fast, affordable, top-quality work and a stress-free repair process. Every one of their qualities and standards was something that JD Collision felt passionate about. In February 2017,  both JD Collision auto body repair shops became CSN JD Collision and became the first rural shops in western Canada to be part of the CSN Collision Network. 

What sets CSN shops apart?

Customer Service

The network of CSN Collision auto body repair shops has exceptional customer service. It doesn’t matter which CSN shop you walk into, you’ll be treated like family from the start. Being in a collision is an extremely stressful situation on many levels and CSN is here to straighten it out. Every shop will provide you with a peace of mind process. From helping you through the claims process and organizing a rental, to quick and affordable repairs, each CSN customer is a top priority and part of the family. 

National Lifetime Warranty 

Not all warranties are made the same, especially in the auto body repair industry. If you get repairs done at any CSN shop in the country, the work is guaranteed and warrantied for as long as you own the vehicle. If you left home on a road-trip and something happens, bring your vehicle to any CSN shop in the area for repairs and your warranty is valid at any other CSN location. Every shop uses only top-quality equipment and technology for every repair, so you can travel with peace of mind. CSN shops repair over 200,000 vehicles a year across the country and they stand behind every single repair. 

Every shop is carefully selected 

CSN Collision Centre’s shops all have to meet certain standards before they can proudly display a blue badge. It’s not as simple as filling out an online form that says “we would like to be a CSN shop.” Every shop is expected to present consistent high-quality work and outstanding customer service. Their technicians undergo continuous training and their equipment is always up to industry standard. 

Becoming part of the CSN family was all about putting their customer’s needs and safety first. Every CSN shop is staffed with fully trained auto body technicians, painters and collision repair estimate specialists as well as outstanding office staff and CSN JD Collision is no exception. The owners and employees have worked hard for many years at both their Bonnyville and Cold Lake locations to proudly display the blue and white CSN logo. 

You can always count on the CSN JD Collision family to straighten things out and have peace of mind with their quality of work and service. 

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