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The Top Benefits of Vehicle Customization

“A car isn’t a classic just because it’s old. To be a classic, a car has to tell us something of its time.” –James May 

Classic cars shouldn’t just say something about the era they’re from. They should also reveal something about their driver. 

The question is, what is your car or truck saying about you?

Whether you’re into the vintage look, want to add a decked-out stereo, or simply need a lift kit, here are 5 compelling reasons vehicle customization is the way to go.

What is Vehicle Customization?

Ever seen a great off-roading truck or stunning classic car and found your mouth watering? Believe it or not, most “classic” cars and trucks these days aren’t really from 1940–at least not entirely.

Vintage-looking cars are usually customized to look as they do while concealing a modern motor. They may look like they were owned by James Dean, but they run like a 2019. 

Still, vehicle customization offers way more than just an aesthetic change to your car or truck. Depending on your budget and imagination, the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding features and styles you want in your car. 

1. It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Every car owner wants a cool exterior. But as the driver of your car, where do you actually spend most of your time?

That’s right. Inside the car…

That’s why customizing your car or truck’s interior is so fun. Choose anything from the colour of your upholstery to the style of gauges on your dashboard.

Here are a few ways to tailor your car’s interior to match your tastes:

  • Add (legal) accent lighting to the interior of your car. You can find LED lighting kits in virtually any colour you want. Add an appealing interior glow to your car’s control panels, under the glove box, or another useful place inside. Just be sure you get a professional to install them so you don’t end up putting lights somewhere that will impair your vision. 
  • Don’t like the fabric of your car’s interior? Change it. Re-wrap your seats in leather, cheetah print, or just about any other colour you like. Whatever you want, with customization, you can choose your own upholstery.
  • Update the steering wheel. If you’re keeping to a budget, a steering wheel cover is less costly. But, for those willing to spend a little extra, you can add an entirely new and unique wheel. 

2. Accessorize Your Truck

It’s a fact, we Canadians love our trucks. We especially love tricked-out trucks. With customization, you can do everything from adding larger tires for some serious off-roading to changing the shape and look of your truck altogether. 

You can even paint your rims and brake calipers so your truck has the exact look you want. 

Other ideas for accessorizing your truck’s wheels:

  • Choose a new finish. Chrome, aluminum, hyper-chrome (black), or painted.
  • Change your wheel size. Again, with an experienced professional, you can add larger or smaller tires to your truck. Change the combination of tire profile and wheel size to adjust the height of your truck. (Just make sure to have your speedometer adjusted professionally as it can sometimes be affected by these changes).
  • Adjust the suspension of your truck for that old-school, lowrider look.
  • Choose a body kit. Make your truck stand out by selecting a body kit to change the shape or appearance of the fender.   

3. Customize the Paint Job

Your vehicle’s exterior is typically the first thing onlookers notice about your car. Customization allows you to choose any base colour you’d like. You can also pick a unique accent colour or unique graphics to be added.

Be sure to choose an exterior base colour that coordinates with your interior. One good rule of thumb is to choose your exterior base paint to match the interior’s accent colour.

This ties your interior and exterior colour schemes together for a unified, clean look.

A custom paint job can give your car or truck an entirely new look without much real change to your vehicle or it’s performance. It’s a great way to give your car a new look without as much investment as updated parts and other features.

4. Window Tinting

Window tinting is another aspect of your car’s exterior that can be done with customization. If you’re tired of the sun heating up your leather seats, or blinding you, then you can customize your windows’ tint.

Be sure not to have your front windows tinted, and double-check that your tinting is legal in your area.

5. Update Your Audio and Video Systems

What good is an awesome ride without equally awesome tunes? Arguably one of the most fun customizations is to have a new sound system added to your vehicle.

Make your audio experience just how you want it by choosing new subwoofers, speakers, tweeters, midrange speakers, and control panels to play your favourite songs.

If your car comes with a video system, you can have new screens and speakers installed to maximize your passenger’s viewing and listening experience.

Quality car professionals will be well versed in Canadian laws or your province’s laws to ensure you have safe and legal systems installed. 

6. Make Performance Modifications

Most car owners don’t think of customization as anything more than changing the look of their car. But the truth is, some modifications can also be made that enhance the performance of your vehicle.

These modifications are usually done to improve your car or truck’s horsepower.

It’s important to be aware when customizing the horsepower of your vehicle that sometimes these adjustments may void the warranty of your vehicle. Just be sure to check with your customization professional to make sure your desired updates won’t push your car beyond the limit of it’s intended use.

Fast is fun. But safety is a priority.

Get Customization Help Today

If reading this list of ideas for vehicle customization has got your brain excited with ideas for your own car, it may be time to consult with a professional about your options.

Get to know our awesome team of experienced car professionals before even stepping foot in one of our locations. Let us help you get on the road, (literally) to driving the car of your dreams today!